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Our company

For two decades we have been supplying
companies in a field of GMDSS Radio Inspection.

Our company

RF design

Aeromarine SRT develops unique solutions for integrating into a customer's product to face specific requirements and/or increase efficiency of device. Our experience in field of safety equipment will help you improving your own ideas and turning them into reality. Flexibility, professionalism in range from design to manufacturing – will assure the customer’s satisfaction.

Testers for Radio Inspections

Our aim is to provide radio inspectors with a full range of professional equipment for their work. Our one-in-one solutions ensure freedom of tool choice, keeping on top performance, efficiency and cost effectiveness. AIS, EPIRB, GMDSS Testers fully comply with IMO SOLAS requirements, and are continuously updated to assure the up-to-dateness. The range of our testers composes a full set for GMDSS radio inspection and report making in accordance with IMO, SOLAS, IACS

ELT testing

Smith Aerospace focuses on devices inducted to provide checking of equipment for safety in air. The ELT testers are designed to carry out the annual maintenance or fast checking of ELTs in accordance with USA (FAA Part 91.207), Canada (CAR 571 Appendix G), Europe (CAA/EuroCAE) requirements. Our equipment will help you solve the current challenge be it either ELT, or AIS, or radio testing.

Our history

Everything begins with an idea. The idea of Musson Marine Ltd was born in 1999. Three radio engineers decided to found a research & production company specializing in the design and manufacture of GMDSS test equipment. Through the years, our product range has been extended and today we offer a broad spectrum of solutions and additional services for companies all over the world.
Aeromarine SRT
  • Musson Marine Ltd company foundation.
  • First generation of 406MHz Beacon Tester
  • Development of SART Tester
  • Start sales in US
  • EPIRB MP-406 C/S Type approval and wheel-mark
  • 2nd generation EPIRB Tester 406 02
  • Development of GMDSS tester MRTS-7
  • Development of AIS Tester M1
  • Development of HRU G5
  • Development of C/S Beacon Simulator BG-105
  • 3rd generation EPIRB Tester Mini WiFi
  • 2nd Generation SART Tester
  • Our First EPIRB М-406
  • Our second EPIRB MP-406
  • Development of ELT S and ELT AF
  • C/S certification of ELT S
  • C/S certification of PLB for Russian Army
  • Development of AIS-SART
  • Development of 406MHz Beacon Monitor
  • Musson Marine Ltd was acquired by Aeromarine LTD
  • 2nd generation GMDSS Tester MRTS-7M
  • Reloaction to Serbia

We are in Serbia

In the middle of 2022, after the well-known events in Ukraine, our company had to change its location. We restored our operations in Serbia, where we registered a company called Smart Radio Tech d.o.o.

We acquired Musson Marine Ltd

Aeromarine SRT is a head enterprise that consolidates some companies working in the field of developing marine and airborne search and rescue solutions. SRT stands for «Smart Radio Technologies».

Due to investments and effective management Aeromarine SRT has significantly increased growth and profitability of these small developing companies.

The idea of creating a company came to us when we started investing in the Smith Aerospace Test Systems Company. The activity of this company coincided with Musson Marine’s interest areas. The intention of buying Musson Marine Ltd aroused when we visited its new assembly workshop in Nikolaev. We loved the process organization. And we acknowledged the necessity to consolidate the efforts of small groups of engineers to create highly-efficient global products, which can be sold under different brands as OEM products.

The negotiations with Musson Marine Ltd continued for 6 months. And finally, on December 15, 2015, we presented our new company – Aeromarine SRT. We bought 100% parts of Musson Marine Ltd.